αυτή η σελίδα στα Ελληνικά


The non-profit civil partnership Society Olive and Olive Oil Products of Certified Quality (EL3P) is a professional organization of businesses, the main objective of which involves PDO/PGI products and/or organic agricultural products and/or integrated treatment crop management products in the olive oil and/or table olive sector.

Its establishment (2005) emerged after understanding the need to form a
collective expression of businesses which have chosen the path of differentiation with products of certified quality, high added value and deriving from Greek production/processing/standardization procedures, compared to the corresponding standard products.

The members of the partnership are:

  • businesses regardless of their legal form (private or cooperatives)
  • small or very small businesses widely dispersed in olive farming regions
  • businesses with exclusive exportation activities.
  • The single criterion for participation in this collective effort is the serious activity related to Greek olive farm products, certified for quality. That is why the following objectives were included in the initial articles of association:
    a) Growth of production and the promotion to markets,thus contributing to taking profit of the comparative advantages of Greek Agriculture, while protecting, at the same time, the environment and the distribution of food to consumers which is of high added value and guaranteed quality.
    Protection against unfair competition with the establishment of rules of transparency and legality in terms of certification and of featuring these products.

In addition, as basic tools for the achievement of the above objectives, an internal self-audit mechanism was established is sought for the Partnership's businesses, as well as a traceability system, the promotion of contractual farming, and more.
EL3P's endeavor is based on three axes: safeguarding the quality of its products, networking between the equally cooperative businesses and becoming extroverted towards markets throughout the world.

  • Throughout its four years of operation and despite the poor available its restricted means, EL3P has been mainly involved and has succeeded in:
    a) conveying useful technical know-how and providing advice to its members;
    b) expanding its partnership leading to the increase of its memberships, which has exceeded double in size and increasing their members' representation in terms of quantities and the geographical area they cover, as well as the variety of products;
    c) its recognition as an Operator's Organization in the Olive Sector under the program of Regulation No. 2080/05 work programmes which they have successfully and fully utilized. A high-tech traceability system was established through this program at Terra Creta S. A. and two cooperatives were supplied with equipment.
  • The objectives of EL3P for the period of 2009-2012 focus on:
    a) improving the infrastructures of the businesses, by utilizing, amongst others, the programme for Operators' organizations in the Olive Sector, specified in Regulation No. 867/08;
    b) informing Greek consumers about the values of quality and hygiene of certified olive products,
    c) undertaking activities for the collective promotion into the international market and
    d) expanding its members, especially in areas which are not currently represented.